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Are you searching for a truly unique idea for your next slumber party, kids birthday party party or family gathering? Or are you looking for a dreamlike kids corner for your wedding or company event? 


Look no further! Simply select one of my beautiful handmade teepee themes for girls or boys and let me take care of the rest. An extraordinary sleepover experience is waiting for your kids and their guests - and you`ll be amazed how easy it`ll all be for you

Gift your children a wonderful and exciting experience with their best friends, all in the safety of your own home or private venue. I`ll deliver everything to you and set it up for you. 

How it works

As easy as 1 - 2 - 3 

1. Simply choose one of my gorgeous sleepover themes for hire and I`ll take care of the rest for you. I deliver, assemble and style your chosen teepees in your home - all before your guests arrive. 

2. Add a little extra like craft kits, beauty packs or snack jars to enhance the party fun.

3. When your party guests have left the day after, I`ll gather everything upon collection - while you`re busy getting all the "this was soooo much fun!" comments, I`ve already packed it all up for you.

It`s really that easy and convenient for you! 


My ultimate goal is to make hosting a slumber party simple and magic.

And my clients are loving it. Read their reviews.



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