About me

My name is Ági and I strongly believe that wonderful childhood memories set us up for life. I still fondly remember the times we had my friends at our house for sleepovers and the amazing moments of feeling connected, the laughter and the excitement of it are still with me to this day. 

As a working mum now of two little girls, I understand your effort involved in hosting a party at home - and always struggling to come up with another fun idea to make your little ones feel as special as they genuinely deserve. That`s why I started collecting and crafting beautiful fabrics, materials as well as stylish design extras from all over Europe for Teepee Friends. In the woodworking shop of a friend of mine, her and I made each teepee by hand - I love working with strong wood-cutting machines!

The results are handmade, truly unique and sustainable teepee packages which will transform your home or your chosen location into a fantastic sleepover wonderland. 


My vision is to create a stunning sleepover party for you to host conveniently that your children and their best friends will instantly fall in love with and remember forever. Children only have one childhood, so let me support you in making it as special as possible for them.

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