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How do I book a Teepee Friends party?

Please email me via the booking enquiry form or call me directly to discuss your requirements and planned sleepover dates. You can also send me an email via Due to the high volume of party bookings over Friday and Saturday nights we recommend at least 3 months advance booking time. I unfortunately cannot guarantee that your chosen theme is available on your planned date, but I`ll work with you to find a perfect solution for your planned event. 

How is my booking confirmed?

Your booking request is followed up by a confirmation email along with the terms and conditions. Once the agreed terms and conditions are accepted, your booking is fully scheduled. 


When is the balance of payment due?

The full balance of the payment is due 10 days after the confirmation email is sent. If the event is less than 10 days away, the full payment is due immediately. Please note that a fully refundable security deposit of 150 CHF is also payable at this time.

What type of payments do you accept?

I accept bank transfers only at this stage. Please contact me with your payment questions if you have special requirements. 

Do you have a minimum number of teepees that can be hired?

The standard package is for 5 teepees for 595 CHF. Additional teepees are 80 CHF each. If you need less teepees, please call me for special pricing. Minimum sleepover hire is 3 teepees, this is also applicable when picking up teepees yourself.

What is your cancellation policy?

A minimum of 7 days notice must be given for requests to change the date of the hire booking. Your request can then be granted only if the preferred date is available. A request to change dates within 7 days of booking cannot be granted.

Is the delivery and pick-up included in the booking?

The delivery, set up, styling, pack down and collection fee is included in the package price for customers living in the city of Zurich (Kreis 1-11). If you are living outside of this area, additional delivery and pick-up fees will incur. Please enquire directly with me for a quote. 

Any special costs I need to know about?

Please note that if you want to book a Teepee Friends sleepover party on a Public Holiday, surcharges will apply. 


How long is the hire period of the teepee package?

Generally the delivery of the teepees will take place before 3 PM on the day of the booking and the pick-up will be scheduled before 11 AM the day after. The exact timing will be arranged with you individually. If you require different set-up or delivery times, please contact me. 

How long will a set-up take?

​A party of 5 generally takes about 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on ease of access and room space. Please note that all floor space needs to be cleared ahead of the set-up.

How much space do I need for a Teepee Friends party?

Look here for more guidance. The mattress size is 160cm long and 70cm wide and the wooden frame fits right around the width. For extra tall guest I do have longer mattresses available upon request. I`ll determine the best way to set up the sleepover set up once we know what space is available at your place. Ideally you`ll send me a picture of the planned spot so I can figure out the perfect setting for you (e.g. number of tables, rugs, bunting) ahead of time. 

What bedding is included in my package?

Each teepee comes with a comfortable foam mattress, a fitted sheet and a mattress protector, a supersoft blanket and decorative cushions. For reasons of hygiene, your sleepover guests will need to bring their own pillows.

Do I need to wash the linen before it is collected?

No, I`ll wash all the bedding using hypoallergenic laundry detergent that leaves all bedding fresh and clean for every party. Mattresses, pillows and decorative items are always disinfected and also spot cleaned when necessary.

Can the teepee party be set up outside?

The teepees and equipment are neither waterproof nor weatherproof.

Generally speaking, a sleepover party can only be held outdoors under the following conditions: 

- the outside space is fully covered

- additional mats are hired to place under the mattresses (15 CHF per mat)

- sprinklers, hoses, pools etc. must not be used near hire equipment

- all pets must be kept from contact with any hire equipment

I`ll happily assess all requests to set up a Teepee Friends party outside on an individual basis. 

General questions 

What ages do you cater for?

My themes mainly cater for parties, play dates or get-togethers for children aged between 5 – 15 years. But of course you can also host variety of other parties, e.g. a bachelorette party with my teepees as I have long mattresses, too. 

Can you host the party?

I don’t stay and host the party, but I`ll make sure everything is set up to ensure you`ll be the hostess with the mostess. Why not look into our a little extra offers for some ideas for the sleepover? If you want, I`ll also devise a party concept for you to give you ideas and help you organise an amazing event. Please enquire directly about it when booking your party and I`ll happily send you a quote. 

Are the lights and lanterns safe?

​Yes, all fairy lights and lanterns are battery operated (rechargeable ones) and are completely safe and heat proof for children to operate. Spare batteries are provided so no party gets left in the dark.

Are the fabrics and wood used for the teepees ecologically certified?

Yes, all used fabrics for the teepees are OEKO-Tex certified. The wood used for the teepee frames is sustainably harvested spruce from Switzerland.

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